Appreciating The Grand Museums Of London

So today I randomly came across a television show called ‘The Museum Of Life’, a show all about the Natural History Museum in London. Growing up in London, I visited this grand museum many times, and enjoyed every visit. But now I feel as if I didn’t truly. When I left London at the age of 12 to live in New Zealand, a country I had never visited before, I didn’t really think about what I was going to be leaving behind. Of course I knew I’d miss friends and family, and the customs and aspects of British culture such as the food, TV and mannerisms. But I didn’t think I’d miss the museums or art galleries.


I am very much a big city-lover, and a great fan of culture and history. I loved London due to its central position in history. It has had nearly every culture pass through it, each having an influence on London’s architecture, customs, food and language. I love the architecture of London; the beautiful victorian buildings, the historical castles and the subtle Roman and Greek influences on many buildings in the city centre. London used to be the centre point of the world. Where the world’s royalty sat, ruling over various countries all over the world. So it has gathered such an interesting history and culture over time; along with amazing artifacts and such, all of which are held within the various grand museums of London.

So keeping that in mind, I now live in a country practically devoid of culture and history. New Zealand is the youngest country in the world, and has its main influences from Maori, Pacific, European and Asian cultures. All very interesting cultures that have created a beautiful New Zealand. But the country is 200 years old, and hasn’t been touched by the ancient Romans and Egyptians, nor has it discovered the wonders of the world. It was born after all that amazing history and sense of discovery. Whereas London was around throughout it all, and discovered it all and even birthed New Zealand and various other countries. All of this lack of culture and history leads to very disappointing and empty museums. The museums here are something to laugh at once one has visited The Natural History Museum, The British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Imperial War Museum, London Transport Museum and Science Museum. The national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, really is quite pathetic. It is very small, barely any exhibits and just doesn’t have that grandeur and history of the grand museums of London. The Auckland Museum is also very bland and vacant compared to the museums of London.

Basically what I’ve realised now is how much I miss and love the museums of London. I despise England now for it is a violent, crime-soaked mess. But I do long to go back there, to experience these amazing museums once again. I’d also love to experience the amazing National Gallery in London again. I went to the art gallery on a school trip in primary school and saw about five paintings whilst we were there. At the age of 10 I didn’t really appreciate the awesomeness of the experience I was having. But now as an artistic 17-year-old I would love to go back and spend hours in the many areas of the National Art Gallery, and all of the museums. Basically I now have that passion and interest that would allow me to fully appreciate the museums and art gallery. But unfortunately I’m on the other side of the world.

I plan on journeying back to England to experience these wondrous museums and galleries when I am older, along with visiting the historically and culturally rich Italy, France and Greece. It’s my dream to marvel at the ruins of Ancient Greek temples, to look in awe at the architecture of Rome and to experience the beauties of France. I’d love to visit the Louvre in France, and the beautiful city of Rome in Italy, and the ancient ruins of an empire in Greece. But for now I reside here in New Zealand, simply longing to be immersed in these culturally and historically abundant countries.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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3 Responses to Appreciating The Grand Museums Of London

  1. Eric Swett says:

    The unfortunate trade off of living away from the crime and pollution…a lack of big city entertainment. Good luck with making your way back there for a visit some day.

    • RyanLamont says:

      Indeed, tis an unfortunate trade off, but the benefits of basically no crime, and fresh kiwi air is worth it. Thanks man! And thanks for reading/tweeting the post!

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