Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding

So today, April 30th, and yesterday, April 29th, was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Due to time-zones the coverage of the Wedding spread over two days here in New Zealand, with the coverage starting at 7:30pm on April 29th and ending at 12:30am on April 30th. I watched the Royal Wedding with my family, watching the full procession whilst live tweeting. In fact, during the Royal Wedding coverage I tweeted 113 times, and Retweeted 16 tweets.

Royal Wedding TweetWatching the Royal Wedding was such a fun thing to take part in. It’s one of those events that you have to take part in, and feel such a sense of global comradeship when you do so. I was determined to stay up and remembered all of this grand occasion. I’m British, half Scottish and half English, and moved out here to New Zealand when I was 12. But I always loved London (where I lived) and the Royal family. I love the history of the buildings in the city, history of the Royal family, the traditions the Royal family and London take part in, and those grand moments that simply make history. I remembered watching the Queen Mother’s funeral, Charles and Camilla’s wedding and the Queen’s golden jubilee. I love this Royal occasions, since they don’t come around too often and they really revive that sense of British pride and patriotism – something Britain has been severely lacking in recent years. I think the Royal family will always be relevant to society, since they symbolise what it is to be British and have such an affect on the country, and the world’s perceptions of Britain. Many say the Royal family serve no purpose in today’s society, but although they may not be as influential as 100 years ago, they still have a great influence on today’s society, which can be seen by the hundreds of thousands of people that went to the palace to see the procession and balcony kiss, and the millions that watched the streaming coverage of the event, all over the world.

royal wedding photo

The wedding itself was overwhelmingly beautiful. The venue of Westminster Abbey was so beautiful, both inside and out. The guests all looked great, although there were some questionable hats worn by a few women, and the bridge and groom looked grand. Kate’s dress was magnificent and she was constantly smiling and glowing throughout the procession. The siblings of the married, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, also looked great, and also seemed to be becoming quite friendly. Then all the guards by the gatehouse and palace, and the carriages and police and horses and crowds, all added to that real sense of importance and grandeur. It was so a beautiful wedding to watch, with the whole thing looking like a beautiful fairytale. I also especially liked the little moments they Royal Family shared during the Wedding, such as Harry saying “Wait till you see her” to William, and William saying “You look beautiful” to Kate. Also, those moments Will and Kate shared, where they’d laugh together and smile at each other. It was all so adorable and romantic!

Now that the two are married I wonder if we’ll see some sort of change in the Royal house, and in the perception of the Royal family and Britain as a whole. Or perhaps we’ll have to wait until William and Catherine take the thrown before we see such changes? Either way, this beautiful new addition to the Royal family is sure to bring an exciting future for Britain and the Royal family.

So I just wanted to document my brief thoughts on this beautiful wedding, and the exciting future of the Royal family and Britain. I hope you enjoyed the post, and thanks for reading!

Ryan Lamont


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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