Why I Wanted To Move To Australia

Today I stumbled upon a dubstep remix of the ‘Rugrats’ theme song, which led me to spend hours on YouTube rediscovering all the TV shows I used to watch as a kid, and one video that gave me a particularly strong hit of nostalgia was the theme song of ‘The Sleepover Club’. After discovering this video I then found a clip from the first episode of The Sleepover Club, which pumped even more nostalgia into my body, like a double hit of heroine! Now, before you start questioning my masculinity (of which I have tons) there’s a little story behind my liking for this show and its importance to me.

Back in 2004, when I was still living in grimy ol’ London, my family and I took an exotic holiday on the other side of the world – Australia. It doesn’t sound as exotic now, considering Australia is a close neighbour to us here in New Zealand. But for an English person Australia was like a whole new world. We spent a night in Japan before we hit the tarmac of Brisbane, from which we travelled to the Gold Coast. I am a well-travelled individual, even when I was 10, so a sandy beach wasn’t a huge deal to me, I’d seen plenty before. But the whole Australian way of life just blew me away. Everyone was so chilled out! People wore shorts to school, didn’t wear shoes in the streets, surfed daily and looked super sexy. It was quite a difference from the grey rainy days that dominated the pasty white people of London. So after this great first impression Australia made on me, we went to our hotel and turned on the TV, and there I found The Sleepover Club. Australian kids were still in school when we were there, due to our different vacation times and seasons, so all the Aussie kids TV shows were on. So I sat there, with my fruit salad, looking out to the ocean through the glass door of the balcony and watched this show.

Now most guys would turn this soppy girl-orientated show off. But for some reason I enjoy that stuff, so I continued to watch. Then this particular scene struck me. The girls are walking to school along the beach, when Rosie, the English immigrant, steps out of her beachfront home and walks to school. I was like ‘I want to be Rosie’; not in a ‘Let’s get the sex change operation booked’ kind of way, but a ‘living on the beachfront in Australia would be awesome’ kind of way. I immediately connected with the character of Rosie, since I’m English and was a wannabe immigrant, and I continued to watch the show for the rest of the time I was in Australia.

This vacation had the same impact on my family, who also became obsessed with Australia and its laid-back way of life. My mum began watching all these shows about English people moving to Australia and places in Europe, and I began watching The Sleepover Club (since it soon came to British TV) and also started watching Neigbours (True Aussie drama, haha). We were both devouring Australian media quickly, and booked another holiday to Australia in 2005. This time we ventured to Cairns, Sydney and the Gold Coast. My mother and I shared the dream of living this Australian life, and we soon started the process that got us here in 2006… kind of…

We didn’t quite make it to Australia, instead moving to New Zealand; a country we had never been to, nor heard much about. There was a film with elves filmed here apparently, and some native people who had a scary dance? That’s what was communicated back to us by other English people who had moved to New Zealand recently. When we moved over here to New Zealand we soon found out that a lot of other English people had too. It seems everyone wanted this laid-back life, which New Zealand also possessed.

I’d say I wish I was born in Australia/New Zealand, since growing up in either country would have been amazing. But the truth is, I’m glad I was born in London. It allowed me to appreciate this awesome lifestyle, and motivated my family to travel lots, since no one wants to stay in dreary London too long. New Zealand is a great little country. But I still have this obsession with Australia. It still has this exotic, fun, beach-life appeal that New Zealand doesn’t quite have for me. Maybe it’s because I live in New Zealand and I still see Australia as a holiday location? Perhaps if I ever move to Australia it’d lose that magic it has? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m still obsessed with Australian culture and want to holiday there more often!

So thats why I had such a nostalgia boost from The Sleepover Club. Not only was it a show I enjoyed as a kid, but it was also linked to one of my big ambitions in life and a contributing factor in my love for Australia. This pro-Australia post will probably get me kicked out of New Zealand. But hopefully people will see this big dream of a Londoner as cute or something, haha!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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One Response to Why I Wanted To Move To Australia

  1. laurenleigh says:

    Love this!!!! I used to love the sleepover club haha!

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