Wreck-It-Ralph Review

I am a self-confessed Disney fan. I practically grew up at the theme parks, so not only did I watch the films and television shows obsessively, I got to play with and meet the characters in real life, truly making Disney a whole new world for me. I also love playing video games, from the kiddie fun of Mario Karts to vast sandbox gameplay of Red Dead Redemption. So when I heard Disney was making Wreck-It-Ralph, a film encompassing my love of games and Disney, I was very excited! As trailers, posters and teasers came out the excitement grew and so did my expectations…


And I wasn’t disappointed! Wreck-It-Ralph brought a myriad of lovable characters, catchy songs, dazzling visuals and touching storylines that I had come to know and love from Disney films. The cameos of famous video game characters such as Bowser and the Pac-Man ghosts, made me smile, and the entirely new games Disney created to set the film in were amazing! This film managed to jump from scary alien-infested battlegrounds, to sweet candy road-racing, and still maintain a sense of familiarity and uniformity that let the narrative blossom. This brilliant variety of locations, characters, visual styles and music led to an amazing cinema experience.

I for one am already excited about buying the various merchandise items that have been released from the film, and I can’t wait to see how Disney brings Wreck-It-Ralph into the theme parks with meet-and-greets, parades and hopefully an attraction! It’s a film I would recommend to any young boy or girl, and any adult with a love for Disney or video games. The sheer variety in the film means that there’s something for everyone. 4.5/5

Ryan Lamont


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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One Response to Wreck-It-Ralph Review

  1. Great movie, definitely agree that it managed to capture why people love games. Glad you enjoyed it!

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