Walk Away The Angst And Sadness

Last year I started going for walks when I was in a bad mood. If you walk long and hard enough, I found you can walk off any angst. This year has been a much more positive year than last, but still there are those people and situations that cause me sadness or angst. So I walk!


I love walking at night since it’s so calm and quiet, with no people around to dodge on the footpaths. I can walk with no inhibitions. Sing along to the music I’m listening to, randomly sprint down the road, anything! Walking gives you that time to think, yet stay on the move constantly so you don’t get bogged down with negative thought. Your surroundings are constantly changing, the air around you is refreshing, the rain falling upon you is rewarding. You can focus on the positives in your life; your goals, your strengths, your privileges, your friends and family.

The music I listen to really helps bring me out of a bad mindset too. Whether it be Ludacris’s ‘Get Back’ or Zac Efron’s ‘Bet On It’, the music choice really is important in creating the mood you want to feel. I usually listen to quite aggressive music at the start of my walk since that’s what I’m feeling, and it’s empowering. Then I move onto happier tunes that put me in my positive, motivated mindset that I’m left with after a walk. Sometimes I do listen to quite calm or sad music, since sometimes you just feel the need to explore the sadness you’re feeling before moving out of it and leaving the past behind you.


It’s been raining a lot recently in Hamilton. Not heavy or constant, but enough to deter a lot of people from leaving the warmth and dryness of their home. Personally, I love the rain; I love being out in it, seeing how it changes the world around me. It’s a refreshing time to run and walk, since it’s constantly cooling you – You just have to be careful to avoid slippery metal grates on the paths, haha.

The last 2 weeks or so I’ve walked/ran for a minimum of an hour a day, and a maximum of 3 hours. I’ve only not gone out a day or two due to a long work day, but otherwise I’ve stayed consistent. I can feel my body aching from the exercise, so I’m really working out these muscles, and I’ve noticed a real increase in stamina when it comes to running. Not only am I managing to avoid negative moods, but I’m also physically gaining from the exercise. Mind, body and soul – Walks are brilliant for all three! Happier, stronger and more at peace.

I really encourage you reading this to go out for a walk. Don’t let weather or time restrict when you do so, just go for it, and you will feel these benefits. It took long periods of sadness and angst, losing myself in my emotions, before I got up and got active – leaving those negatives behind. Don’t wait for a major obstacle to force you into action, get out there and appreciate the world around you whilst rewarding your mind, body and soul.


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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One Response to Walk Away The Angst And Sadness

  1. belindanash says:

    Dancing is epic too. I dance out my woes ’til they are no more!!! <3

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