Lose Yourself In Nature And Find Peace

"Lose Yourself In Nature And Find Peace" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recently I’ve been walking a lot and exploring the area around me, and I really feel this quote holds truth. Being amongst nature, caught up in all its wonder and beauty, causes you to leave all those worries, personal issues and negative thoughts behind. You forget the insignificant little dramas and such that weigh you down in life, and instead focus on the beauty of nature. Appreciating the wild beauty and the landscaped spaces around you leads you on a path to peace. Think about how lucky you are to be amongst all this nature, how small you are in the giant world around you, how tiny and insignificant those negative thoughts within you are in comparison to the wealth of positivity in the world.

I set off with my new camera to try and capture the essence of my adventures in nature. I stumbled upon a cornfield (Well a maize field) and wandered in. I find these fields very interesting, since there’s so much attached to them. They’re planted and grown with purpose, and have the positive connotations of bringing food to people & animals, and the imagery of rustic buildings and quaint farming attached to them. But they’re also mysterious places associated with alien activity and the great unknown. Then there’s the horror and fear attached to them, with many a horror film involving frantic chases through cornfields that almost always end in a bloody manner. All these different connotations make cornfields such an interesting natural space. I found it to be the perfect place to immerse and lose myself in nature, and find peace.

The video is me simply trying to illustrate how calming and peaceful it can be to really immerse yourself in nature. I felt so happy and at peace whilst filming this video and wandering amongst the fading crops. I’m lucky to live in a city rich with agriculture and farming, so these sorts of locations are available for me to explore. I challenge you to find a natural space like this and truly immerse yourself within it and find peace.


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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