A Wealth Of Support

Last week I entered an online video competition that my friend Andrew Strugnell informed me of, on a site called Citizen.tv – Possibly the next YouTube. All I had to do was upload a video, and be the highest rated video of the week to win $1,000 USD. With it being a new site, I didn’t think it’d be too hard so gave it a shot!

Over the course of the week I spoke to nearly every friend, family member and connection I had on Facebook, all my loyal subscribers on YouTube and a few people on Twitter, asking if they’d be so kind as to rate my video 5 stars in this competition. Of course I knew family and close friends would help me out, but what shocked me was how supportive everyone else was. People I hadn’t spoken to since high school were so eager to help me, friend’s I hadn’t contacted since leaving England had my back and shared the link and even very new connections were keen to help me. The positive feedback I received to my plea for help was really uplifting.

I didn’t just ask people to vote then abandon them though. I had so many cool conversations with old English friends, school friends and other people I had met along the way in life. It was so cool hearing what everyone had been up to, talking about my recent past and future plans, and planning coffee dates and meet ups with some people. The sense of support and community I received from simply asking for a vote in a competition was really amazing. It was such a positive experience reconnecting with people, and just witnessing how far people would go to help me out and give me a fighting chance at winning this competition.

The competition became tougher than I expected, and I regularly slipped from 4th to 6th. But on the last night I hit the mighty 1st place spot – But then I went to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, with a few hours left until the competition closed I had dropped back to 3rd place, and there was a mega 100 votes between me and 1st place. I still tried my best to move up, but didn’t quite manage it. But at least I held 3rd place! Placing 3rd meant I received $200 USD – a handy sum to help me pay for my travels to Europe.


The whole experience was so exciting, challenging and overwhelmingly positive. I strengthened connections, made some money, got some exposure and witnessed how supporting those around me really are. Such an amazing experience.

Now my video is currently placed 1st for ‘Best in Category’ for Comedy. This competition ends on May 31st, so I shall continue to strive to hold my 1st place, as the winner recieves $1,000 USD at the end of the month – what a treat that would be to win!

Thank you to everyone who supported me during this competition, and continues to support me in this month-long competition. It means so much to me.


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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