How To Share Your Travels [When it wasn’t all fun]

In August I set off on a 2 month adventure, visiting England, Wales, Sweden, France & America. For the majority of the trip I would be travelling alone, making it a whole new experience to me – one very much outside my comfort zone. This journey helped me grow as a person, and I wanted to remember it & share it as best I could. But how?

Whilst travelling my Twitter feed was abuzz with tweets of my arrival to new countries, experiences in airports, thoughts on hostels and reviews of local food. My Instagram snapshotted some great experiences, such as eating moose meatballs in Sweden, visiting the Eiffel Tower in France & meeting my favourtie Princess in Disney World. I gave regular updates of my whereabouts and where I’d be heading next on Facebook for my family & friends to see, and during the entire trip I had my camera with me, filming the sights around me.

Once back in New Zealand I planned to share my travel footage in a variety of ways, but none seemed right and this led me to keep putting off sharing my journey on YouTube. It was hard deciding how best to share my travels. I had an amazing time, but also had some terrible experiences due to a breaking relationship that ended during my travels. The sadness, anger and pain from that deteriorating relationship stained a lot of my experiences with bad memories – turning them into triggers, that would quickly send my mood in a downward spiral. I didn’t want to relive the negative, but I really wanted to share the great times I had whilst travelling. So eventually, after watching Ben Brown’s Visual Vibes, I decided to make a video in that style. A montage of my favourite experiences, focusing on the positive. Then, to challenge myself a little and to create an interesting title, I decided I’d showcase the three countries I visited whilst solo travelling in three minutes.

So that’s how my latest video was born. I thought I’d give a bit of insight behind the process of making the video. People know you need to film, edit and upload, but they don’t always realise how difficult a video was to make – not because of the filming or editing, but just thinking of how to share an experience in ones life, especially one clouded with negativity.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Ryan Lamont


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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