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Last weekend I travelled up to Auckland, New Zealand’s ‘Big Little City’, to attend the New Zealand YouTube Gathering. I’ve attended only two gatherings prior to this one; the first in 2008, when I had just joined the world of YouTube, and the second in 2013, when what I see as the ‘third generation’ of the community had formed.

I really enjoyed this past weekend; it was a great chance to catch up with old friends and meet friends I was yet to meet in person. Whilst at the gathering I also met people who watched my videos who I didn’t know, which was an interesting insight into the life of a successful YouTuber. I also had a few people come up to me and thank me for the support I’ve shown them and their channel over the past year, which really brought a smile to my face. It’s great to be appreciated, and know that your work to support and promote a YouTuber has paid off.

new zealand youtube community

I’ve been an active member of the New Zealand YouTube community since I was first welcomed into it back in 2008. I’ve run blogs, set up Facebook pages, done collab videos & channels, connected YouTubers, been involved in organising gatherings and other such activities. I’m very supportive of the community, and do my best to highlight talented individuals and support those with potential by mentioning them on the various social media pages I run. I created the blog, Twitter & Facebook page to foster a sense of community, highlight great videos from New Zealand, give helpful advice, spread important news and update people on community events such as gatherings. I’ve been met with negative feedback on these accounts, but the positive feedback has been far outweighs the negative. I’ve seen people’s viewerships grow thanks to mentions on these pages, and I’ve also seen people signed up to networks after being discovered on the social media sites I run. I don’t see the sites I run as perfect, but I do see them as beneficial to the community, so I shall continue putting my time and effort into running them.

New Zealand YouTubers

This past weekend really cemented some amazing friendships for me; I’m happy to know I have friends from all over the country now, and can not wait to reunite with them again soon! The New Zealand YouTube community grows bigger and better everyday, and I’m excited to see how it develops in 2014.



About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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