Ryan Lamont Goes LIVE

On February 1st I took the plunge and did my first live broadcast on YouNow! I used to be a big fan of watching live shows on BlogTV back in 2008, and I still have that same BlogTV account, although it has now evolved into a YouNow account since BlogTV was bought and closed down. So someday I was bound to return to the site and go live.

YouNow is something that has interested me for some time. I’ve seen the popular British YouTubers such as JacksGap, Pointlessblog and ThatcherJoe do regular live shows on the site, and they seemed to have a lot of fun. Then I’ve also seen much smaller, and much more local, New Zealand YouTubers broadcast on the site, and they’ve experienced their YouTube audience growing thanks to broadcasting on the site. So after much thought, and a weak knowledge of how the site worked, I took the plunge and went live.

YouNow Ryan Lamont

Now Saturday night at 10PM probably isn’t the best time to go live; New Zealanders will either be out on the town, or snuggling up into bed, whilst the British would be just waking up on their Saturday morning. But it was an unplanned and spontaneous decision, which led to me gaining an audience of 16 people during my show. The number fluctuated throughout; with it resting on a measly 4 for quite sometime, but 16 was the highest amount of people that tuned in to watch me talk.

I was planning to broadcast for about 45 minutes, since that seemed like a reasonable length. But I ended up broadcasting for 2 hours! Throughout the show I answered questions from people watching, I drew some pictures and I was just my silly unedited self. At one point I even had a Lady GaGa moment and performed a quick outfit change.

It was great fun having friends from YouTube and Twitter watch me scramble to do something entertaining, and was great to meet new people who then went on to subscribe and follow me on Twitter. I gained 6 subscribers from my wee show, and a bunch of people ‘became a fan of Ryan Lamont’, so they will now be notified when I go live

I look forward to broadcasting live on YouNow again sometime in the future, and if you’d like to be notified of when I do so, click here to become a fan.



About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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