6,000 Pairs of Eyes on Me?!

At the the end of 2013 my channel had accumulated 1,500 subscribers. It had taken me 4 years to gain that amount of subscribers and now, only 6 months into 2014 I have over 6,000 subscribers!

6K sub promo

My channel’s rapid growth this year has been such an exciting journey. As soon as I set a subscriber goal, I quickly surpass it and move onto the next! To have such a consistent flow of new viewers has been such a gift. I love seeing  all the new faces appearing in the comments section of my videos, and following me on my other social media accounts. Conversing with all these new people has been such a great experience, which has brought about many new ideas and plans for my future videos. And with my channel’s growth I’ve started reaching 2,000 views per video regularly! I still remember struggling to reach 300-400 views per video last year.

My increasing audience size has brought about many positives for me, but has also brought on a few negatives. Jealousy has burdened some of my fellow YouTubers, causing them to dislike my videos and stop supporting me, which is unfortunate. Although the dislikes on a video have no affect to my knowledge, so they really don’t bother me. Along with an increase in dislikes and the fading support of some YouTubers, I’ve received a few hateful comments from strangers. But blind hatred is easily deleted and ignored, and shouldn’t be focused on, especially when I’ve had such positive experiences on YouTube.

Many people seem shocked and/or intrigued by my rapid growth this year. I believe my channel’s rapid growth this year can be attributed to many factors, such as regularly scheduled content, networking, collaborations with other YouTubers, and my high level of engagement with videos and creators, both on YouTube and other social media platforms. All of these things combined have enabled me to grow my presence on the site at such an exciting pace, and I hope it continues!

I often wonder if this surge of growth will come to an abrupt end, but there’s little point in focusing on what cannot be controlled. So instead I enjoy the moment, continue doing what I do, and remain thankful for what I have gained this year.

And if you are yet to subscribe to my channel, I invite you to subscribe now.


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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2 Responses to 6,000 Pairs of Eyes on Me?!

  1. britneyhazeldine says:

    I am so stoked and proud of you Ryry!! Its actually amazing how fast you’re growing and its not because of luck or anything like that. It is actually due to your hard work!! Proud of ya

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