Coming Out On YouTube

After seeing Troye Sivan’s Coming Out video last year, and witnessing the wealth of support he received after posting the video, I decided that someday I wanted to come out to my own audience. It was a brave move on Troye’s part, which strengthened the bond between him and his viewers and made him an icon in the LGBT+ community. Troye’s actions really inspired me, and he remains an inspiration to me as both a YouTuber and member of the LGBT+ community.

I constantly strive to be as authentic as possible on YouTube, and dodging simple questions like ‘Who’s your celebrity crush’ or ‘What’s your sexuality’ defeated this aim. I wanted to be open with my audience in the hopes of building a stronger bond with them, but I was scared. In coming out to my audience I would have to make a public statement, accessible by anyone and everyone, so I had to be ready to come out to everyone. And on October 10th, I was ready.

I had planned to make this video a week earlier, but then I found out it was National Coming Out Day on October 11th, so I thought it’d be appropriate to move the video closer to this important day of awareness for the LGBT+ community. So I filmed the video in the morning, a simple one take, and uploaded it in the afternoon. I prefer this more raw & authentic approach to vlogging, especially when dealing with serious or important topics. Jump cuts, background music, animations and cutaways would have just cluttered the video – I simply wanted the viewer to focus on my story. 

The response from the video was astoundingly positive. Upon writing this post the video has over 500 likes and 4,400+ views, along with a myriad of supportive comments. My audience, friends and family all responded so positively to the  video – It was a relief. My own video even inspired one of my viewers to come out to their family, which is pretty great. I’m really glad that I made this video and hope that it serves as a good resource for LGBT+ people who are considering coming out to friends or family.



About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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One Response to Coming Out On YouTube

  1. Leslie says:

    Loved it, and I’m so proud of you.

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