A Unique Way to Document Your Goals, That Will Motivate You to Pursue Them

A new year brings a renewed desire to improve ones self and accomplish tasks that we’ve been contemplating for a while. Most people will throw together a few New Years Resolutions, declare that it’s “A new year, a new me” and rush off to the gym to get that hot body they’ve always wanted, only to end up at a McDonalds and give up on that short-lived sense of motivation.

I used to set goals and forget about them, or lose motivation. But in 2014 I did something different, something unique. I had a spare canvas in my wardrobe that I hadn’t used and I decided to draw my goals. Written lists and word documents full of hopeful goals weren’t working for me, so I tried this more visual method. And then I decided to not colour them in. Instead, I would colour my goals in as I complete them. This turned out to be a great motivator for me, as well as a great way to show my progress. Then I made a video discussing my goals, forcing me to commit to them publicly, and promised to share my progress with them at the end of every month.

By the end of 2014 I had 12 videos documenting my progress towards my goals and an almost completely coloured-in canvas. I only missed one goal, moving out of home, and to be fair that was a difficult one.

So these are the key things I did to achieve my goals in 2014, which I’ll be doing again this year to accomplish more of my goals:

1) Set achievable goals you care about and see as important

2) Draw them on a canvas, and put it somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis

3) Share your goals publicly, whether it’s in a video, blog post or Facebook status

4) Colour in goals as you achieve them

5) Share your progress towards your goals every month

Join me on my journey this year as I attempt to accomplish goals such as getting a job I love and passing 15,000 subscribers!

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-Ryan Lamont


About @RyanLamont

A British boy who calls New Zealand home, with a passion for online video, social media and writing.
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