About Me

Video maker, Fairytale enthusiast, Disney kid & World traveller.

That’s how I sum myself up in the few words my Twitter Bio allows, so let’s expand on those points. I’m a 21 year old film school graduate with wanderlust and a fascination with fairytales – I also make videos on the Internet. Born and raised in London until the age of 12, I then spent my teenage years growing up in Hamilton, New Zealand. I find myself calling two countries home, and my mixed up accent shares this fact with strangers before I’ve even introduced myself. I am an avid fan of Disney, its influence on my life acting almost as a third parent. Growing up with Disney films, shows & books constantly around me, and visiting Disney parks around the world over 20 times during my life, Disney has certainly ingrained a constant sense of childlike wonder in me and the desire to live a real fairytale. My biggest inspirations in life are Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling & Grace Helbig, all encompassing a huge amount of creativity, motivation, determination & success. I began my YouTube journey back in 2008 after watching Levi Beamish and Dannie Cullen, which made me want to join the New Zealand YouTube community and make friends. Since then it’s been a rollercoaster, I’ve made some great friends, met some brilliant people and experienced some amazing opportunities! Theme parks are some of my favourite places to visit in the world – theme parks & aquariums. The unreal thrill of a rollercoaster, and the magical ability to be so close to some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. If you ever take me to a theme park or aquarium, you’ll make me one happy boy!

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