'My life is constantly under construction, theres always something
 to improve.'

It’s important to have goals in life, they give you a sense of direction in a world that’s easy to get lost in and also supply you with that necessary sense of achievement once you complete them. Here are some goals I have for myself:

-‘Don’t Break The Chain‘, continue to post weekly #Ryday videos on my channel

-‘Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You‘, improve my videos & make a channel I’m proud of

-‘Collect Moments, Not Things‘, do more solo travel around America & Europe

-‘Onwards And Upwards‘, find a job that I enjoy and allows me to grow as a person

-‘Work Hard & Stay Humble‘, improve my drawing ability

I also made a video on some other goals I have for 2015, check it out here:

Here are the goals I had for 2014:


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