April Was A Bad Month

On YouTube I have a Monthly Round-Up series in which I review the past month using three categories: Favourites, Goals Progression & What I’m Looking Forward To. This month I added a fourth category, ‘UnFavourites’, as April was not the best month for me, and as I see this series as a way to journal my experiences during 2014, I thought it was important to incorporate the bad moments too.

And although this video covers the unfortunate things that happened during April, it has an overriding message of staying positive & optimistic, something I like to call ‘posimistic’. This message has been taken in by my viewers, as most of the comments share their appreciation of the word ‘posimistic’ and wish me the best for the future.

2013 was a very negative year for me, and I was rarely happy during it, so I’m determined to make 2014 a positive year, full of positive change for myself. Just gotta stay ‘posimistic’!

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Thumbnail Transformation!

Thumbnails are hugely important in the world of YouTube. It’s that tiny image, along with your title, that lures viewers into clicking on your video and watching your content. It has to be an accurate representation of what’s to come, or else viewers will get annoyed, and it has to be appealing, otherwise people won’t click. There’s an abundance of tricks & tips to help YouTuber’s create the ‘best’ thumbnails, but I think it really comes down to personal preference and what message you want to send to viewers.

My own thumbnails have been somewhat of a burden to me. I’ve struggled to create interesting & accurate thumbnails for some of my recent videos – mainly due to not owning Photoshop. But the other day I finally bought Photoshop, and I immediately transformed all the thumbnails of my videos from this year!

Ryan Lamont thumbnails original

I see this year as the year I really started ‘doing’ YouTube. I’ve maintained a weekly upload schedule, I’ve collaborated with great YouTubers, I’ve created personal branding and I’ve started to figure out my style and how to create videos that I enjoy making and my viewers enjoy watching. I’ve been on YouTube for over 6 years, but it’s this year that I’ve really become a YouTube. And I see personal branding as an important aspect of ‘becoming a YouTuber’, with thumbnails being a key part of this stage. Along with my thumbnails revamp I will also be redesigning my banner, end screen, website, social media pages & more.

Ryan Lamont thumbnails new

The thumbnails of my recent videos had bothered me for a while, as they were quite dull and didn’t sit nicely together. There lacked unity and vibrance. Instead just a mishmash of random images were presented to my audience. So as soon as I bought Photoshop I made it my mission to improve them. I spent over 3 hours redesigning 15 thumbnails, and now I’m much happier with my channel’s appearance.

I see my content as quite positive and fun and I wanted to illustrate this through the design, so I implemented bright, colourful borders into each thumbnail. This not only makes the channel appear more bright and fun as a whole, but also helps unify my videos and makes them stand out amongst other thumbnails. Tinted backgrounds of some thumbnails helps the key image stand out, whether it be a cupcake or myself. I also created a template for all my Monthly Round-Up thumbnails, to more strongly tie this series of videos together.I’ll probably continue to tweak aspects of individual thumbnails, but overall I’m happy with the new designs and hope my viewers like them too!

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Change Is Constant

The only constant thing in life is change. Remember this and find comfort in this. Sadness is fleeting and it will pass, but so will happiness. So treasure each moment. Live fully in the present, for the future is forever unknown. Every new day is a gift to you, so treat it as such. As soon as you find comfortable stability, change will occur. Be it big or small, bad or good. The only constant thing in life is change, remember that.

Rest peacefully Jarrod Hassell (Founder & CEO of Vidception)

Taken at the #MQFF opening night. To my left is Fraser Green (Production Development Manager @ Vidception) and to my right is Jarrod Hassell (Founder & CEO of Vidception)

Taken at the #MQFF opening night. To my left is Fraser Green (Production Development Manager @ Vidception) and to my right is Jarrod Hassell (Founder & CEO of Vidception)

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The Dream Job

Ever since I went to Melbourne my life has had an abundance of awesome opportunities roll in! So it’s time to update you all by finally I’m writing about the biggest opportunity that’s come my way – employment!

As some of you know, I used to work in a cake shop last year, I then left that job to go travelling for a few months around England, Wales, Sweden, France & America. I arrived back October last year, enjoyed my Birthday month [November] got festive for Christmas, and then went full force into job hunting as 2014 came upon us. I applied for a variety of jobs, but no one seemed to want me. But I had this constant optimism that I’d find a job I’m passionate about in 2014, I just had to be patient and keep trying.

Then, I got flown over to Melbourne to mix & mingle with the Australian YouTube community! Luckily I was unemployed so I could quickly take up this great opportunity. Whilst in Melbourne I organised various collabs, met up with possible sponsors and really tried to make the most out of this opportunity. It was this that caught the attention of Vidception, and along with my years of work with building the NZ YouTube community, motivated them to employ me!

I’m now the Community Development Manager for Vidception, so my main aim is to build and develop a thriving New Zealand & Australian YouTube community. I consult with creators on how to improve their channels and what content they could focus on making, I organise community events like meet ups & workshops, I act as an advocate overseas for NZ & Australia’s YouTube communities and I search for new/upcoming YouTubers and help them find an audience by promoting them on NZYT/AUYT social media.

I’ve been involved  in building and developing the NZ YouTube community for over 4 years now, so to land a job like this where I get paid to do what I’m passionate about is amazing! I’m super excited to see where this job takes me and I can’t wait to share all the brilliant plans we have for the NZ & Australian YouTube communities!

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Melbourne YouTube Gathering

Ryan Lamont Melbourne YouTube Gathering

Some of the awesome people I met at the Melbourne YouTube Gathering

Last week, on March 8th, was the Melbourne YouTube Gathering. Initially a much larger event was planned for this date, called Expload, but this event unfortunately had to be post-poned. So, in its place an old school YouTube gathering was organised at Federation Square to begin at 12pm. I was fortunate enough to be flown over for this event [and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival] by Vidception, so a big thank you goes out to them.

This was the biggest YouTube event I’d ever attended, and it was a little overwhelming at first. Hundreds of people turned up, both viewers & creators, and I experienced the craziness of fangirls first-hand, when people such as FunForLouis arrived at the event. I know quite a few people in the Australian YouTube community, having watched them for years, so it was really cool to finally meet them in person. I also met some of my own Australian viewers on the day, which was a fun thing I hadn’t experienced before. On the day I discovered a bunch of YouTubers I hadn’t watched before, which was great because I’m always on the look out for new YouTubers to watch.

I just want to say a big thank you to the organisers of the event, and to all those who turned up. It was a really great day, and I feel like I made a lot of friends there. I can’t wait to collab with some of you who I met on the day, and look forward to catching up with the rest of you sometime soon!

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